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Live Messianic Worship

Several songs in Hebrew. 
Opens with the sound of the shofar

Oil and the Wine

Sandy's Solo CD 2007

What A Healing Jesus, I Can Only Imagine, Holy, Holy, Holy, Say the Name, Oil & Wine, The King of Who I Am, Adore, etc  

All CD's :$10 plus shipping minimum donation.


Comments About
the Warmack's Music

"I also want you to relay the message to Sandy and Wayne that no more back pain since Saturday night listening to the Warmacks minister in music (in Panama City, FL). Then they prayed for David and me. I had never heard anyone praying about the 'old injuries' being healed, but that is what they did and that was the cause of my problems. I feel great!"

Davidic Worship


Our first CD — Davidic Worship — was released in October 2004. All the vocals are by Sandy and Wayne with the harp as accompaniment. Our hope is that this CD will lead one into pure vertical worship with Jesus.

The CD contains 14 songs.  sound bites to come.

  • A Brand New Canticle
  • I Will Greatly Rejoice in the Lord
  • I Will Worship You, Lord
  • I Will Come and Bow Down / In Moments Like These
  • O Give Thanks
  • More Love, More Power
  • We Sing Praises to Your Name
  • Show Me Your Face, Lord
  • Worthy
  • Blessing and Honor
  • Take Me Into the Holy of Holies
  • To Him Who Sits on the Throne / I Exalt Thee

You may have the CD for a minimum donation of $12 + $1.85 for shipping. Any thing given over the $12 will be used to purchase needed equipment.

To order, please contact us. Please type "CD" in the Subject line.


Comments About
the CD

"We are sitting and listening to your beautiful music and it is a blessing to us and makes us feel so close to our Lord. You both have wonderful voices and the Lord must be very proud of you to be so worshipful of HIM and to spread the joy around to HIS other children."

"Praise the Lord! What a blessing you have been to me this week. I want to be the first (or one of the first) to put in my order for your next CD. The one I got from you Saturday night, I have played over and over and over here at work. I keep it on my player and when it finishes playing through I just hit the play again button. It is so soothing. It is uplifting and comforting. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks. And thanks again. May God bless you with many more."

"Yes, I believe that you did indeed hear from the Lord and that He will use this music to lead people into His presence...what I sense most is a peace when I've listened to it. I believe God has ordained your worship to bring peace of mind into the souls (mind, will, emotions) of people."

"I have listened to the CD, and I really like it. Very quiet and peaceful. I took it down to my neice's to let her listen to it, and I felt to give it to her, because she so enjoyed it. She enjoyed the peacefulness about it. So I need to get another CD from you."

"Your CD is mind-soothing. I love it."

"I have been enjoying it immensley!!!!! Its very soothing to listen to as I drive down the highway. You both are very blessed with Godly talent!!"

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