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2017.09.15 02:14:23

We were invited to an anniversary dinner; where our host, who has a prophetic gifts said - you need to start speaking 'reverse' as you minister to people.  I see- for example - where a building collapses; you speak reverse and it comes back together as if it never happened.   So we started speaking reverse, in Jesus name and saw things come undone, as if they had never happened.  Dutch Sheets in his address to folks in Jasper Arkansas in late August, said people need to start speaking 'reverse'.  While driving to this meeting in Jasper, a deer hit the passenger side of our car - very hard!  At first I was upset, complaining about the damage, cost to repair, probably would need to rent a care while it was in the shop...and so on.  Then the Lord reminded me that I could speak 

reverse.  So, I said, 'in the name of Jesus I speak reversal to any damage done to our car by that deer.  When we got to our destination, we got out of the car and looked and there was no damage to the vehicle. 


Two weeks later, we are ministering at a different venue in Jasper, and the testimonials that came back were "restored as if nothing had ever happened." 

Speak reversal to your situation, in Jesus' name.



2017.09.15 01:52:32

We were invited to speak/teach at Evangelist Lynnea Chasteen's first conference September 7, and 9th.  We ministered healing to five people after our training session.  We have received four testimonies:

1.  Joy - "I received a deep healing at your conference on Saturday.  The scars that were there, are completely gone - fresh and new as if the damage had never happened.  There is a comforting inner strength I have not had before.  It keeps getting better and better - stronger and stronger.  My thanks to you and the Warmacks - all praise to Jesus."


2. Mary - "My sun  rash got better and better on Saturday.  Today it is almost totally gone." 


3. Don - "When you prayed for me, my kidney function was at 20%.  One day later, when checked, my kidneys were functioning at 40 %"


4. MF -  "It was a wonderful service with Sandy and Wayne on Saturday.  I was healed of years of torment; it was like scars inside of me were healed, and like they had never been there. Praise the Lord for his goodness"


2017.05.03 19:47:55
I met Sandy Warmack through a friend who was aware of Sandy and Wayne being associated with Curry Blake. I contacted Sandy Warmack and shared my health concerns with her. Immediately, she and others began praying for my healing. The doctors diagnosed me with stage 3 breast cancer and incurable bone cancer. I go weekly for treatment but I have no complaints on side effects. No complaints because I don't have any. I was scheduled to see the dr weekly but I never did. Then I was scheduled to see the dr every two weeks but the dr said, he only needs to see me once a month. I speak the word over my condition every day and throughout the day. Sandy and Wayne Warmack sent me items in the mail that was instrumental in building my faith. I encourage others to connect with Sandy and Wayne Warmack's ministry. I appreciate them so much.
Wanda, TN"
Wanda's recent text was: The nurse at the doctor's office says that I need to be their poster child.  They have never seen anyone like me"


2017.04.19 22:05:10

she contacted me for prayer; showed me pictures of what she was sure was cancer, but said she wouldn't go to a doctor and let them tell her they were going to cut her up.  I encouraged her to seek a doctor; just to see what they said.  Afterall, her imagination could be running away with her.  She finally did see a doctor and was referred to specialists.  Every step of the way she would witness about the goodness of God.  The diagnosis WAS cancer, but the treatment has been easy, and she has been a testimony to so many.  The doctors are amazed at how her body is responding to treatment......daily warfare, healing prayer is a part of that. I don't know why God does what he does at times....but I see his hand all through this.  If she had not gone to the doctor, she would not have been a witness and inspiration to so many. 


2017.04.19 22:01:00

I say this every time....the last healing school was the best over.  It truly was awesome.  Our students came from Montana, Tennessee, California, St. Louise, Springfield...and so one and so one.

I love watching folks get the revelation of who they are according to God's word.  We saw healings, and dramatic deliverances....all glory to God.  Next one at JHOP will be August or September.  Be looking for the info. 


2017.02.15 12:33:54

Friends, we have been to Panama in Sept 2016 and February 2017.  Each trip more wonderful than the last.  On one of the days there, we began our ministry at 2 p.m. and were still praying for people at 7 p.m.

Almost everyone who came seemed to have difficulties with diabetes, two young girls were meth amphetimine babies, and lots of healing need for backs, knees, shoulders, eyes, dyslexia, autism, etc. 


More to come at a later date, I promise. 


2016.09.05 21:41:07

One of our healing team shared this testimony from  Saturday, September 3.  Way to go Ashley!!

"Was driving home with my husband. The foot traffic from the football game had let out. We saw a young man laying on the sidewalk unable to stand. His friend was on the phone calling someone. I stopped and approached them. He was really hesitant when I came over. I asked him, "Is your friend alright?" He said he was. So, I asked the guy on the ground if he was alright and he said, "I'm fine." I told him he didn't look fine.

His friend said, "Dude. Get up. People are staring." I bent over to help the guy. I asked him, "Can I pray for you?" He said, "No," but I knew I had to. I saw he had a tatoo that said "Proverbs 28:1"

I asked him, "You have a scripture on your arm and you won't let me pray? Come on man, what's that verse mean?" All of a sudden his voice changed and he said, "No! He's mine! He's mine!" I was about ready to have to put a devil in its place when the guy came to and said calmly and quietly, "The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion."

I put my hands on him and said, "In the name of Jesus, spirit of alcoholism loose him! I break that curse of strong drink. I command your blood alcohol levels be normalized now, in Jesus name. That drunken stooper, go! All dizziness and nausea leave, in the name of Jesus! Father, I ask for the blood of Jesus to cover him right now because of your mercy! I ask that he not be charged with this, Lord. But I ask for mercy." I asked him for his name. He said, "Brad."

Immediately he began to sit-up. He said he was in a lot of pain, so I prayed against that. His friend was in awe. They were both grateful. Before I left I told Brad, "The Lord has a purpose for you. He's not done with you."



2016.09.05 21:38:52
A praise report from one of our team in south Louisiana....Rene is a fireball for the Lord: 
"Sharing a God moment: This morning, I had breakfast w/ hubby, then he had fb practice. I was on my way to prayer walk@city park, Alexandria. 
On the way to City Park, I drove past a African American woman in a wheel chair. Her daughter was pushing her and the 6 yr. old grandson was walking along side of them. I parked at Cabrini and I prayed. As the family approach me, I got out of my truck to greet 'em and I introduce myself. I was received w/ open arms. I asked if I could pray, the grandmother said, Yes. 
1.)God grew out her arms / legs. God removed the pain she had in her shoulder, knees, and lower back. She got out of the wheel chair, walked 30 steps up the sidewalk no pain. Praise God, she no longer needs a wheel chair.She's lived w/ sickle cell disease all her life,we are believing for her healing. 
2.) I shared the the gospel with the daughter who witnessed her moms arms/legs move, pain go away, Glory to God, she gave her life to Christ.
3.) I glanced at the 6yr old, standing next to me, he's crying crocodile tears! I asked him if I could pray. He was choked up and cried more. The moment, I laid hands on him, the Holy Spirit touched him more. He cried out my legs, I know he was a little scared, not understanding what was happening to his body. He didn't say another word, lights out, 
I caught him falling. He was in my arms, I held him and continue to pray. When he came out of it, he was happy, thank you Jesus. The grandmother said, Today, we had real church!
4.)Well that's not All...Then the grandmothers sister drove by and she pulled over to join us. She also needed arms / legs, and pain to go away in her knees. Praise God, He took care of it. Her 17 yr old son is in prison, if the Lord is willing, I'm planning to meet with her son next weekend at the prison. Glory Hallelujah! "
Now that's what I'm talking about!

2016.05.08 19:19:18

Dear Readers, I apologize that I have not updated this with testimonials, for surely God should be glorified for the things he has done.  God continues to honor his Word and those things we proclaim in His name. In the past year, we have seen 

cancer healed, PTSD reversed, knees, back and shoulders healed, rotator cuff healed,  (chronic) migraine headaches go, deliverance from self hatred, rejection, abandonment, unusual eye diseases healed, diverticulitis healed, broken bones  healed and several cases of autism reversed.  We have mailed  several prayer cloths throughout he US and have received some good testimonies about those.   The healing room continues to be open every Tuesday.  We will be scheduling our next healing school for July.         GOD'S NOT DEAD, HE'S SURELY ALIVE............ 


2015.11.12 11:37:33

From Teri, who came to the DHT training from the Bahamas.

I was asked to minister to a lady who had recurring cancer with several surgeries and a host of other challenges two days after the Arkansas DHT. The lady though polite looked aged and sour and had a prickly disposition; I could tell she had become weary of people offering to pray for her. I recognized that it was the enemy and not her, so after sharing a few testimonies of how God had allowed me to minister to others and see them healed she asked me to pray for her.
In the DHT you said that there was no difference between healing and deliverance so I boldly stepped into a realm I had not trod before. Within 10 minutes the lady was free; her countenance changed and she was smiling and laughing; she looked as though she lost at least 10 years and was beautiful! Her friend said it was the first time she saw her smile and laugh in 5 years. God did in ten minutes what several surgeries tried to do but were not successful. Thank you for your training Curry it really is making a difference and thanks to Wayne & Sandy Warmack for hosting
Teri B


2015.08.29 19:34:43
Many of the people who have been coming to the Tuesday night healing room have not needed a physical healing as much as they have needed to be free from torment of one kind or another.  We have seen numerous victories over the last six weeks.  So much so that we have taken before and after photos to show the change that their positive choices and continue stance has made in their appearance and their physical well being.  God is faithful.

2015.08.29 19:31:00
Wayne and I had the privilege of volunteering for a 180 event hosted by Momentum Church in Northwest Arkansas back in July.  We went forward to pray for people as Clayton gave the altar call.  One of the volunteer leaders pulled us aside to pray for a three year old boy who had been having  constant seizures since birth. Apparently he has not spoken or walked or done any of the things a 3 year old would normally do.   His mother held him the entire time that we prayed for him.  He never moved; he never uttered a sound.  As we ministered to Jaxson, and spoke encouragement to his mother and the other relatives who stood beside her, I felt a quickening in my spirit that Jaxson would be healed.  I told Wayne after prayer, this is the reason we came tonight.  We  didn't hear anything more from the family.  We did know that they had come specifically for Clayton Jenings to pray for Jaxson, and hoped that had happened.  We're very comfortable with knowing that sometimes, it takes a village.... So  Thursday evening I am reading a Facebook post from the host ministry of the 180 event and they had photos of Jaxson and mentioned that the brain surgery that had been scheduled for him had been cancelled. There are reports that he is responding to music and people.  I made a comment on the Facebook post, and Jaxson's mother sent me a personal message of thanks.  I praise God from whom all blessings flow.

2015.06.08 13:12:38

Our friend Judy has been to our healing school sent an urgent request last week, that we pray for her husband who is in the final stages of CHF.  We prayed and offered to travel to Joplin.  Here's the update:

"Thank you so much, Sandra!  Bob seems to have rallied quite a bit and is back at work today.  I am in shock as I thought him about to die, and yet, not shocked at all knowing God wants to heal him.  When I pray over him he sighs and I feel the love of God and the Prince of Peace.  I will also do the things you suggested.  Thank you so much!  I will still try to get him to come to the Tuesday night there.  He is up and around now so no need to come!  Thank yo uso much for offering!"


2015.05.25 04:59:54

Don Seamans testimony about receiving new hips:

Saturday April 25, I was in the Healing Rooms. As a member of Team 3, I was enjoying "stirring my self up" with everyone else. When it came time to choose up groups in the prayer room, I was drawn to this excited, vibrant, happy lady. With our group of three formed, she says, “OK, is there any prayer need it our group before we get started?”

My wife has been wanting me to ask for a creative miracle in my hips. I had difficulty getting up out of a chair. When we walked together, after about five minutes I was ready to quit. Also, I would sleep on my side until the pain woke me up. Then I would roll over and sleep on the other hip until the pain woke me up. Then I would roll over and sleep until the pain woke me up. This occurred about every two hours all night long.

My Group leader said, “Papa, give Don new hips.” She then looked at me and said, “Well, try it out.”

I didn’t know what to do. I decided to get in and out of a chair like a youngster would (I’m 71) without assistance up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. Whoa, what is this?

Then my group leader said, “Can you do squats?” I’m thinking, "You’ve got to be kidding." Again, this time down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up. I had what I would call "memory pain," but I was doing things I couldn’t do before.

All week I have been testing it out. A chair is no problem for me. I sleep so much better at night. And now, when my wife and I go for a walk, I can last longer than ten minutes.

Do I have new hips? I don’t really know about that, but I do know I am doing things with ease that I couldn’t do before. Thank you, Papa. Thank you, Jesus.


2015.04.13 04:05:47
  I had received prayer on Sat, Mar 28, at the Healing Prayer School for thyroid and back.  Everytime I praise my thyroid quivers; I find this interesting and joyful at the same time. I have been to the chiropractor twice since then but no major issues with it.  JC

2015.04.13 04:04:24

One of the prayer clothes I got while at the Healing Prayer School on 3/28 was for my hairdresser's father.  She reports that she gave it to him on Easter and at his doctor's appointment the next day they had a better review of his tests than originally predicted.  They had been saying this was the end for him but now they are saying it can be removed and treated!  She thanks us all for the prayers as the prayer cloth encouraged them greatly. Judy C. 

2015.04.08 14:25:07

I've actually meant to message you sooner.   We truly enjoyed and appreciated it.  My wife was apprehensive at first as expected. I've been delving into the healing ministry for a while now and have been watching Curry Blake for some time and she's asked a few questions.  It wasn't 2 days until our first attack.  Her brother, Morris, was in a terrible car accident last Monday and wasn't expected to live. He actually passed away for a time.  We got to the hospital in Shreveport, LA Monday afternoon. Her family was quite emotional as expected and I was able to go into the room with the family and Morris and lay hands and pray as the doctor was still trying to stabilize and get a response. Within ten minutes he opened his eyes and raised his hand!  From death to fully responsive in minutes! We are still standing in faith and now my wife and her entire family believe in the power and Authority of our Holy Spirit. I keep blanketing him with prayer and expectation as his spine  was crushed but is steadily healing! He's feeling pain (which is wonderful because the Dr's said he wouldn't work his legs again)!  I've been praising and rejoicing in His Word and marveling at his confirmation of his word.

Erik - Conway, AR


2014.12.23 15:54:05
This is a wonderful testimony to the power of corporate prayer.  Wayne had been very sick with bronchitis for several days......with a nagging cough that we were unable to contain. 
>  Those of you who were in the healing room Tuesday night may remember that Wayne left early because he was so miserable (but not before receiving  ministry for healing. 
> Saturday evening at the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas concert, he was miserable.  Wayne's daughters were there and witnessed a very sick Dad.  I had told Randy Allison that Wayne would not be playing in the Messiah the next day because he was too ill. We even felt confident that we should  cancel his cataract surgery that was scheduled for Monday, because he would not be well enough.  but, standing in faith, I enlisted lots of prayers at that time. 
> Sunday morning Wayne woke up after a very restful night of sleep with very little coughing.  I went on to River of Life church.  By this time, many people were praying for his recovery.  By noon, Wayne was feeling so well that he went to his rehearsal and performance of the Messiah at Bella Vista Lutheran church.  He returned home feeling well.
> This morning we arrived at Bozman Hof and Dr. Cole removed a cataract from his left eye.  His blood pressure did spike and the doctor admitted that the cataract was a 'difficult removal', but we were home by 3:00 p.m. and all seems to be well.
> It's important that we not miss the miracle here.  Wayne's recovery was nothing short of miraculous.Once I got over being mad at him for rehearsing and playing the Messiah on Sunday, I realized what God had done.  See, the timing for this surgery was critical...because the next six-seven weeks are slow times for Wayne's symphony season, and he would have time to recover from surgery on both eyes before having to read 'music'....which had been a challenge, even with his trifocals.
> Thanks to all who prayed and believed with us.  God is good...all the time.

2014.11.20 06:47:48

Nancy asked for restortion of a thyroid that had been surgically removed.  Replcement medications were not working, and she wanted her thyroid back.  We prayed for her and sent  prayer cloth.  Here's her testimony several days later.

On October 28 I received my new thyroid and it is functioning perfectly.  I feel 20 years younger.


Thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness to His Word.



2014.11.04 19:09:01

Testimony from Nancy after ministry

Hi Sandra,


One week after … praise the Lord for a new thyroid!  When I received this email I spoke the words that you sent, agreed with them and accepted the healing.  Immediately I felt the new thyroid come in followed by what felt like a hand on my neck trying to rip it out.  I held on in faith wondering if that could be the pain of regeneration but when you said to rebuke it I did and the pain left.  I have not taken the thyroid hormones since Monday, Oct 27 and I feel wonderful.  I immediately started feeling better than I have in 20 years.  Over the next few days I heard the enemy say things like “You don’t really have a new thyroid”, “That can’t happen”, “Just wait, you will need the pills again”, “You will sound like a fool if you tell anybody”, etc.  Each time I told him “Shut up!  You are a liar.  My God is willing and able and YES He did give me a new thyroid and you can’t take this one.  Get away from me.”  I waited until Saturday to tell anyone because they would not believe unless I had gone a few days without the pills and Sunday I testified in front of the church.  I AM HEALED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!


Thank you so much.  May our loving and powerful God bless you in every way.



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