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2014.09.22 04:00:06

11 Prayer cloths mailed in August 2014 like in Acts 19.  Healings:

Cancers - Breast, stomach, pancreas

Renal Failure


Tumor on Heart

Blood Clot


2014.09.22 03:58:28

Entire family came in.  Issues with ankle knees, children diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and Dyslexia, mother clinically depressed.  All set free, by the name of Jesus.

Other healings:


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Degenertive Disc disease in back and neck.


2014.09.22 03:55:36
Ministered to several people at the altar.  Two were in excruciating pain....one due to  fatty tumors throughout her body, one couldn't sit because of pain from an auto accident.  Both instantly healed at the altar.

2014.09.22 03:54:10

At 28 weeks, baby daughter delivered via c section. 1 lb 10 oz, life flighted to Little Rock.  Baby removed from oxygen less than 24 hours later.  Breathing on her own.  Miracle child thanks to the prayers of many.


Update 11-19-14  Daelli Grace is now up to three pounds.  Doctors say that she is the healthiest baby in the NICU.


2014.09.22 03:52:31

Healing room open every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30.

Recent Healings:

Stress and Trauma from being raped by a step father, and becoming pregnant.  Delivered from oppression

Injured during routine surgery, forced to wear a catheter

Deliverance from oppression, suicidal tendencies

Injury to sacriliac

Deliverance from asthma - environmentally induced

Healed from injuries:  ankle, back

Healings from prayer cloths mailed to Iowa, Colorado, New York, United Kingdom




2014.09.22 03:48:07

So many wonderful happenings during these meetings.  I know that I'm not going to remember them all.  And, I apologize because God must be glorified.

Eddie Taggarosa, part of Joan's team ministered to a four year old boywho is currently living in a foster home.  He was having nightmares from having been a witness to a murder.  He was diagnosed with PTSD.  After prayer, this boy is free from nightmares, and doctors say that he no longer has pos traumatic stress disorder.


Joan ministered to several people who were free from chronic back, neck or knee pain.  three people grew taller.  Onellady was delivered from 19 years of  bitterness and unforgivenss, plus stress and trauma over a church incident in which her child was molested by a pastor.


a Latino women was delivered from diabetes, a woman from Mississippi was healed from AIDS.

these are just a few of the wonderful things that happened Aug. 21-23, 2014 in Northwest Arkansas







2014.06.16 12:37:40

An employee came to me with a request to go home.  She had not been feeling well, and had experienced chest pains.  Her husband called late that evening to say that she was in congestive heart failure and that she was scheduled for an 8 way by pass in the morning.  The doctors had indicated that they should call in the family, as they were not confident she would make it through the surgery.  Her surgery did not start at 1-:00 a.m. as planned and this gave me the opportunity to go pray for her in person.  I spoke that the hands of the surgeon would be guided by the Lord; that this would be a text book version of surgery, and that once they got in that they would find the damage was not as exgtensive as they had seen on the xrays.  I claimed a speedy recover for her.  AFter I left the surgeon came in to give her the option of going home on hospice or having the surgery, with no guarantee for success.  She opted for the surgery.

End result:  a four way by pass; not 8.  She was off the venitlator the next morning, sat up for lunch and  took a few steps that same day.  The next day she was moved to a regular room, and doctors are amazed at her progress;  calling it miraculous.


2014.03.17 01:47:46
an employee came to me and said that she had to go to the emergency room...that her symptoms were severe and she could not get in to see her doctor.  I said, would you let me pray for you before you go.  She said 'yes'.  I ministered to her,  and commanded the symptoms to go, in Jesus name.  She appeared very touched by the ministry, so I encouraged her to just sit for awhile and see what God would do for her.  She came out of her office just a few minutes later and said, "I'm going back to work.  I am fine, now. "    Praise God!!!!

2014.03.17 01:44:29
DP came to our healing room complaining of severe allergy symptoms.  As we ministered to him, the symptoms dried up and he was able to breathe freely.

2014.03.17 01:43:15

Man came for prayer who had a sudden onset of swelling, stiffness and pain in his left hand.  We layed hands on his hand and ministered healing.  When we removed our hands, the redness and most of the swelling was gone.


2014.02.22 06:00:27

 Two adult children came into the healing room and stood in for their fathers for healing. 

One had awakened one day and was talking irrationally.  One was facing neurological testing.  Results

" As of two days ago R's father was doing well and  'in his right mind'.


C said "Results of Dad's brain scan were negative".


2014.02.22 05:57:27

Four of us went to Avilla's home to minister healing to her.  She had little hope to recover from stage 4 cancer.  After ministry, she immediately felt better and the healing continues.  Below is a qote from the couple who went with us to minister to her....the praise report

"Good morning. To you guys! Just thought I would drop you a line.... Good news on Avilla and her test yesterday.... Her she PCI  test or what ever you call it! the tumor size has went 486 to 42 yeah !!! She is so excited ..."


2014.01.20 03:01:19

Betty Burr posted this on Facebook 1-19-2014 after attending a one day healing school

had a splendid learning day yesterday. I attended a healing seminar given by Wayne and Sandra Frye Warmack in Harrison. I learned much and took many notes. I also purchased a CD with many Biblical scripture verses. Sharing the ABC's: A: Be Available, B: Be bold, C: Have Compassion. The Warmack's have a website: www.gwhr.us.


2014.01.05 04:34:04

This email came on New Years Eve from a man who was a volunteer for an organization I used to work with.  Prayer is worth it!

Just wanted to touch base and wish you a happy and prosperous new year.
Honestly, I am glad to be done with 2013, hoping 2014 will be better. Sure it will be.
Just thinking, you got me started on this advocacy journey and look where it has led..... Speeches in Ft. Smith, Little Rock, Washington DC and some civic organizations locally, newspaper and radio interviews.. Goodness, what is next?
I know you would like to hear this - I have found my way back to Christ. I am elated with my progress in following in His footsteps.
Hope to see you soon.


2014.01.05 04:13:18
A dear friend, with whom we sometimes minister together in music, came to us for healing from back pain last evening.   I had the impression that one leg may be shorter than the other.  So, I suggested to my husband Wayne that he measure his legs.  We encouraged Steve to take his shoes off. He said that we would indeed find that one leg was shorter than the other...about 1/2 inch.  He shared that he had been wearing inserts in his left shoes for many years so that he would not walk with a limp.  We ministered to his back and leg; commanded the leg to grow; which it did.  He stood up and was immediately free from pain.  He took the 'lift' out of his left shoe and walked away with both legs equal in length; no limping, no pain.  We saw him this morning at a worship meeting.  He is still pain free, and no longer has to wear the orthotic inserts. Steve is givnig God all the glory.

2013.10.22 17:56:31

A couple we know drove two hours to come to our church.  They brought with them a lady named Debbie who needed ministry for a chronic knee issue.  Here's the praise report in Lynnea's own words: Debbie's appointment went great. She said the Doctor was amazed at how good it looks. Everything in the knee is lined up like it should be. All the swelling is totally gone and the Doctor even said that there is less of a bow in her thigh bone than there used to be. She is walking around good, but has to relearn how to use the leg. The Doctor told her not to baby it, it needs to rebuild the muscles that have atrophied from having the knee brace for years on end. She is happy and wants to get into a church somewhere.

Sandy Warmack and Bridget Sprague ministered to Debbie on this day..10-2013


2013.08.23 15:43:03

This 26 year old man and his mother came to our healing room about six weeks ago. He had been deaf since birth, and experiencing seizures due to several lesions in his brain.


Six weeks later, he has had no seizures.

Each week, he begins to hear more and more; although his hearing still (as of this date) has not been tptlly restored.  But now he can hear a toilet flush,  hear a car engine start up, and hear some music on the car stereo. 


Update 10-2013  C has gone 11 months without a seizure.  He continues to hear'some' things, but his hearing is far from totally restored.  Agree with us, in Jesus name.


Update: 1-4-2014  Still seizure free. Hearing slightly better.  Still needs hearing restored.


2013.04.28 04:43:27
I put Waynes CD in the boom box twice last night, next to my bed.
& both times I only heard the first parts & then I was out.
The prayer was good for me, plus talking to you guys. I feel better today.
This person is referring to the new Healing Word CD that Wayne has narrated.  Contains all the healing scriptures. 


2013.02.18 05:59:41

I had forgotten about this praise report from May 2011, until I ran across it today.

Thanks for your prayers, my mom has been taken off the ventilator, she is also recovering quickly. Thanks for your prayers and God bless you.


2012.12.29 05:33:23

We sent this prayer cloth out to Dave in Texas who was told that he would need to go on dialysis. Here's his accounting:

The only time I've ever felt any kind of response in my body is when you guys ministered to me. The most powerful and noticable was with the Prayer Cloth you guys sent me several years back. Was the weirdest thing. I was in the bedroom and 'felt' some kind of activity in my kidneys. It felt literally like 'knitting needles' were at work in my kidneys. I had gotten the mail that day and laid it on the living room table and walked into the bedroom. This 'activity' started and then I suddenly became aware of it. I sensed in my spirit that some how it came from the living room. I followed this 'spiritual trail' if you would, and followed it directly to your letter and the prayer clothe inside it. I thanked the Lord for it and for my healing and kept the prayer clothe on me hooked in my belt daily.


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