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2014.11.04 19:09:01
Thyroid Regenerated

Testimony from Nancy after ministry

Hi Sandra,


One week after … praise the Lord for a new thyroid!  When I received this email I spoke the words that you sent, agreed with them and accepted the healing.  Immediately I felt the new thyroid come in followed by what felt like a hand on my neck trying to rip it out.  I held on in faith wondering if that could be the pain of regeneration but when you said to rebuke it I did and the pain left.  I have not taken the thyroid hormones since Monday, Oct 27 and I feel wonderful.  I immediately started feeling better than I have in 20 years.  Over the next few days I heard the enemy say things like “You don’t really have a new thyroid”, “That can’t happen”, “Just wait, you will need the pills again”, “You will sound like a fool if you tell anybody”, etc.  Each time I told him “Shut up!  You are a liar.  My God is willing and able and YES He did give me a new thyroid and you can’t take this one.  Get away from me.”  I waited until Saturday to tell anyone because they would not believe unless I had gone a few days without the pills and Sunday I testified in front of the church.  I AM HEALED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!


Thank you so much.  May our loving and powerful God bless you in every way.



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