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2014.12.23 15:54:05
Healed in Time for Surgery
This is a wonderful testimony to the power of corporate prayer.  Wayne had been very sick with bronchitis for several days......with a nagging cough that we were unable to contain. 
>  Those of you who were in the healing room Tuesday night may remember that Wayne left early because he was so miserable (but not before receiving  ministry for healing. 
> Saturday evening at the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas concert, he was miserable.  Wayne's daughters were there and witnessed a very sick Dad.  I had told Randy Allison that Wayne would not be playing in the Messiah the next day because he was too ill. We even felt confident that we should  cancel his cataract surgery that was scheduled for Monday, because he would not be well enough.  but, standing in faith, I enlisted lots of prayers at that time. 
> Sunday morning Wayne woke up after a very restful night of sleep with very little coughing.  I went on to River of Life church.  By this time, many people were praying for his recovery.  By noon, Wayne was feeling so well that he went to his rehearsal and performance of the Messiah at Bella Vista Lutheran church.  He returned home feeling well.
> This morning we arrived at Bozman Hof and Dr. Cole removed a cataract from his left eye.  His blood pressure did spike and the doctor admitted that the cataract was a 'difficult removal', but we were home by 3:00 p.m. and all seems to be well.
> It's important that we not miss the miracle here.  Wayne's recovery was nothing short of miraculous.Once I got over being mad at him for rehearsing and playing the Messiah on Sunday, I realized what God had done.  See, the timing for this surgery was critical...because the next six-seven weeks are slow times for Wayne's symphony season, and he would have time to recover from surgery on both eyes before having to read 'music'....which had been a challenge, even with his trifocals.
> Thanks to all who prayed and believed with us.  God is good...all the time.


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