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2015.06.08 13:12:38
Congestive Heart Failure

Our friend Judy has been to our healing school sent an urgent request last week, that we pray for her husband who is in the final stages of CHF.  We prayed and offered to travel to Joplin.  Here's the update:

"Thank you so much, Sandra!  Bob seems to have rallied quite a bit and is back at work today.  I am in shock as I thought him about to die, and yet, not shocked at all knowing God wants to heal him.  When I pray over him he sighs and I feel the love of God and the Prince of Peace.  I will also do the things you suggested.  Thank you so much!  I will still try to get him to come to the Tuesday night there.  He is up and around now so no need to come!  Thank yo uso much for offering!"


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