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2015.08.29 19:31:00
Clayton Jennings, 180 and Jaxson
Wayne and I had the privilege of volunteering for a 180 event hosted by Momentum Church in Northwest Arkansas back in July.  We went forward to pray for people as Clayton gave the altar call.  One of the volunteer leaders pulled us aside to pray for a three year old boy who had been having  constant seizures since birth. Apparently he has not spoken or walked or done any of the things a 3 year old would normally do.   His mother held him the entire time that we prayed for him.  He never moved; he never uttered a sound.  As we ministered to Jaxson, and spoke encouragement to his mother and the other relatives who stood beside her, I felt a quickening in my spirit that Jaxson would be healed.  I told Wayne after prayer, this is the reason we came tonight.  We  didn't hear anything more from the family.  We did know that they had come specifically for Clayton Jenings to pray for Jaxson, and hoped that had happened.  We're very comfortable with knowing that sometimes, it takes a village.... So  Thursday evening I am reading a Facebook post from the host ministry of the 180 event and they had photos of Jaxson and mentioned that the brain surgery that had been scheduled for him had been cancelled. There are reports that he is responding to music and people.  I made a comment on the Facebook post, and Jaxson's mother sent me a personal message of thanks.  I praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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