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2015.11.12 11:37:33
Testimony following DHT Nov 5-7

From Teri, who came to the DHT training from the Bahamas.

I was asked to minister to a lady who had recurring cancer with several surgeries and a host of other challenges two days after the Arkansas DHT. The lady though polite looked aged and sour and had a prickly disposition; I could tell she had become weary of people offering to pray for her. I recognized that it was the enemy and not her, so after sharing a few testimonies of how God had allowed me to minister to others and see them healed she asked me to pray for her.
In the DHT you said that there was no difference between healing and deliverance so I boldly stepped into a realm I had not trod before. Within 10 minutes the lady was free; her countenance changed and she was smiling and laughing; she looked as though she lost at least 10 years and was beautiful! Her friend said it was the first time she saw her smile and laugh in 5 years. God did in ten minutes what several surgeries tried to do but were not successful. Thank you for your training Curry it really is making a difference and thanks to Wayne & Sandy Warmack for hosting
Teri B


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