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2016.05.08 19:19:18
Lots of testimonies

Dear Readers, I apologize that I have not updated this with testimonials, for surely God should be glorified for the things he has done.  God continues to honor his Word and those things we proclaim in His name. In the past year, we have seen 

cancer healed, PTSD reversed, knees, back and shoulders healed, rotator cuff healed,  (chronic) migraine headaches go, deliverance from self hatred, rejection, abandonment, unusual eye diseases healed, diverticulitis healed, broken bones  healed and several cases of autism reversed.  We have mailed  several prayer cloths throughout he US and have received some good testimonies about those.   The healing room continues to be open every Tuesday.  We will be scheduling our next healing school for July.         GOD'S NOT DEAD, HE'S SURELY ALIVE............ 


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