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2016.09.05 21:38:52
Healing in South Louisiana
A praise report from one of our team in south Louisiana....Rene is a fireball for the Lord: 
"Sharing a God moment: This morning, I had breakfast w/ hubby, then he had fb practice. I was on my way to prayer walk@city park, Alexandria. 
On the way to City Park, I drove past a African American woman in a wheel chair. Her daughter was pushing her and the 6 yr. old grandson was walking along side of them. I parked at Cabrini and I prayed. As the family approach me, I got out of my truck to greet 'em and I introduce myself. I was received w/ open arms. I asked if I could pray, the grandmother said, Yes. 
1.)God grew out her arms / legs. God removed the pain she had in her shoulder, knees, and lower back. She got out of the wheel chair, walked 30 steps up the sidewalk no pain. Praise God, she no longer needs a wheel chair.She's lived w/ sickle cell disease all her life,we are believing for her healing. 
2.) I shared the the gospel with the daughter who witnessed her moms arms/legs move, pain go away, Glory to God, she gave her life to Christ.
3.) I glanced at the 6yr old, standing next to me, he's crying crocodile tears! I asked him if I could pray. He was choked up and cried more. The moment, I laid hands on him, the Holy Spirit touched him more. He cried out my legs, I know he was a little scared, not understanding what was happening to his body. He didn't say another word, lights out, 
I caught him falling. He was in my arms, I held him and continue to pray. When he came out of it, he was happy, thank you Jesus. The grandmother said, Today, we had real church!
4.)Well that's not All...Then the grandmothers sister drove by and she pulled over to join us. She also needed arms / legs, and pain to go away in her knees. Praise God, He took care of it. Her 17 yr old son is in prison, if the Lord is willing, I'm planning to meet with her son next weekend at the prison. Glory Hallelujah! "
Now that's what I'm talking about!


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