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2017.04.19 22:05:10
Wanda - Breast Cancer

she contacted me for prayer; showed me pictures of what she was sure was cancer, but said she wouldn't go to a doctor and let them tell her they were going to cut her up.  I encouraged her to seek a doctor; just to see what they said.  Afterall, her imagination could be running away with her.  She finally did see a doctor and was referred to specialists.  Every step of the way she would witness about the goodness of God.  The diagnosis WAS cancer, but the treatment has been easy, and she has been a testimony to so many.  The doctors are amazed at how her body is responding to treatment......daily warfare, healing prayer is a part of that. I don't know why God does what he does at times....but I see his hand all through this.  If she had not gone to the doctor, she would not have been a witness and inspiration to so many. 


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