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2017.09.15 02:14:23
Speak REVERSE, in Jesus name

We were invited to an anniversary dinner; where our host, who has a prophetic gifts said - you need to start speaking 'reverse' as you minister to people.  I see- for example - where a building collapses; you speak reverse and it comes back together as if it never happened.   So we started speaking reverse, in Jesus name and saw things come undone, as if they had never happened.  Dutch Sheets in his address to folks in Jasper Arkansas in late August, said people need to start speaking 'reverse'.  While driving to this meeting in Jasper, a deer hit the passenger side of our car - very hard!  At first I was upset, complaining about the damage, cost to repair, probably would need to rent a care while it was in the shop...and so on.  Then the Lord reminded me that I could speak 

reverse.  So, I said, 'in the name of Jesus I speak reversal to any damage done to our car by that deer.  When we got to our destination, we got out of the car and looked and there was no damage to the vehicle. 


Two weeks later, we are ministering at a different venue in Jasper, and the testimonials that came back were "restored as if nothing had ever happened." 

Speak reversal to your situation, in Jesus' name.



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