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2011.05.14 06:10:18

Received May 6 from Emmanuel

Dear sir,
My mum was hit by a stroke yesterday and had to be rushed to the hospital, she is currently on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Pls pray pray. I need God's quick intervention and for her to be off the ventilator so that she can breathe normally. She is currently sedated.

Follow Up - Received May 9

Thanks for your prayers, my mom has been taken off the ventilator, she is also recovering quickly. Thanks for your prayers and God bless you.


2011.05.14 06:07:12
Just wanted share blessings with you. We prayed for our friends healings. Sue has RA, trouble with her knees hurting, hips, and hands. Her knees stopped hurting and she was able to get out of a chair without help or struggling for the first itime in years. As she walked around the room, she started crying and hel up her hands. She showed them to her husband and said that was the first time in years that they did not hurt terribly bad. she had no pain at all. Her hip is still bothering, but not near as much. Were going to pray for complete healing there. When I asked her hust to get up and come sit in the chari we were using....by the way he had an accident and has been on pain meds for 7 years for his back that hurts him teribly, he can bairely move about, so uses a wheel chair when not at home, has COPD and uses oxygen all the time, and has a bad heart....he said that he didn't need to get up. He was praying along with me and he said God healed him while he was healing Sue. He got up from the chair and we did pray again. He walked all around the house at a  normal (for other people) gait. He walked into the kitchen out of my sight and I heard his wife say, "Be careful, you don't want to overdue it". I asked what he was doing and she said standing there and bending forward and touching his knees. Hasn't been able to do that since the accident seven years ago. He even could bend and strech backwards. he took the oxygen off and did not need it the rest of the evening. We're going to pray again, because he's still using the wheel chair if he is going to be away from sitting down places for any length of time. He only uses the oxygen part time.   Ain't God God. they both say that even though there are still some needs, they have not felt this good in years and are telling everyone who will listen that God is good and He still heals today. Jim Kibat, recent healing school graduate, Arkansas



2011.02.20 20:02:51


Wanted to let you know about the following praise reports.  A young lady had been transported to Freeman Hospital on Sunday evening (2-13-11).  Was told that if she had waited one more day, she would have died.   She  had been diagnosed with severe bladder infection that had spread to kidneys and had done "irreversible damage to the liver" according to the doctors.  She was also diagnosed with a mass on her kidneys.  She was to have exploratory surgery the next morning (Tuesday morning.)

On Monday, January 17th, Pastor Kristy and I went to her and released healing and deliverance to her.  God met her in a very special way, gave her prophetic utterances to encourage her to return to the Lord and really felt the strong Isaiah 61 anointing.

The next morning  (Tuesday) before her exploratory surgery, the doctors did more  detailed tests of kidneys prior to surgery.  At that time, the doctors discovered to their amazement that the "mass" on her kidneys was no longer there and even more astonishing to the doctors, her liver had begun to function completely normal.  The exploratory surgery was canceled and the young woman was discharged to her home two days later.

**From Deb Brodrick, Miami, OK  Deb and Kristy attended the John G Lake Divine Healing Technician training in Northwest Arkansas  in July 2010.  SW


2011.02.10 21:52:57
Dear Brother Wayne,
Jessica and I have been to the state hospital this morning and the most amazing thing happened. We always talk about our defeats and not our victories.
I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your prayers and Intercession because, HE ANSWERED.
From three weeks or so ago when we visited the renal specialist who said that he was preparing Jess for dialysis due to the toxins, high creatinine levels, low gfr, etc, etc, death, death, death.
NOW......................she (renal specialist) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED  at Jessica's progress because from their medical experience, things can only get worse. The toxins, creatinine levels have come down so drastically, that she asked Jess what was going on and Jess just smiled and said that she has been praying (along with a group of powerful Sons and Daughters around the world) and expecting a miracle.
They were supposed to be seeing her every two week to monitor her progress (becauseat that time they said is was critical) but has asked her to come back in 3 months time. Oh, the most exciting part is that Jess has literally cut her medication from about 16 pills a day to aroung 4 and her blood pressure is still normal. IS THIS GOD AMAZING OR WHAT?
And now, I am not stopping here because I am Believing that a creative miracle will take place before the next visit and that those kidneys would have "grown back" to their original form and size and value. The only thing that the hospital staff do on her visits, is her bloods. The last scan was done last year which was when they found that Jess's kidneys had shrunk to around 7cm each and only was functioning as around 20%.
Please forward this praise report to all your colleagues who prayed for us. I would like to thank you guys for agreeing with me. Words cannot really describe how much I appreciate your act of Faith.
Blessings to all of you.


2011.02.10 21:51:31

One weekend last spring, 2010, one of our Fort Smith Symphony violinists, J.R. from Tulsa Oklahoma, mis-stepped and took a very bad fall off the 4-foot high loading dock behind the Fort Smith Performing Arts Center, breaking his right arm just prior to a friday evening rehearsal. (The right arm is the one that most violinists use to skilfully hold and move the bow across the violin's strings.) I found J.R. just minutes before rehearsal time pacing the floor in the dressing room, in severe pain, shaking, and verging on tears. Without thinking about it, I (
Wayne Warmack) aggressively grabbed the swollen and badly discolored arm and prayed for him right there in the men's dressing room with other symphony musicians looking on. I commanded the bones to IMMEDIATELY knit and the swelling and bruising to IMMEDIATELY subside in the name of Jesus. Then, I ordered J.R. to ignore the injury and go out and play the rehearsal. He compliantly did, and the arm returned to normal size, shape, and color during that rigorous 3-hour rehearsal, with the pain quickly subsiding as well.  Jesus healed his arm. 
In the healing ministry great boldness is required, without thought or hesitation.  If you hesitate and try to find courage and try to reason things out you might lose your opportunity. This stuff can't be reasoned out. Your rational mind has nothing to do with it, and will actually hinder the miracle that is needed.  Without thought or hesitation, you must learn to trust Jesus that He will do what He promised, even as we quickly and obediently do what He commanded us to do.  He never fails.


2010.12.11 12:00:00

Friends of ours came from Tulsa to attend the Hanukah celebration during Zadok worship last Saturday. We noticed the Mrs. was favoring her hip and leg. When we asked, she said it was a chronic problem; that several in her family had suffered with the same thing. After lunch, we prayed in the name of Jesus for hip pain to go and for the body to operate the way it was intended. She texted us the next morning that she woke up to no pain and that she had tested in in many ways, by bending, crossing her legs, etc. In her words.....woo hoo! 


2010.09.30 12:00:00

We were introduced to this special pastor who shared the following testimony.

He received a diagnosis of stage 2 pancreatic cancer. He asked the doctor to give him 10 days to fast and pray. The doctor was reluctant but agreed. This pastor shared his diagnosis with only five other people....people he knew would pray and believe for his healing, rather than announce to the world that Pastor so and so had cancer. He fasted and prayed. He returned to the doctor for tests. The doctor had tears in his eyes when he showed the pastor two reports. He said "this is your report when you had cancer". Then he held up the second report and said: "This is your report that says you never had cancer". In other words, every trace of the cancer had been removed. Praise God that healing IS for today. And, praise God that the pastor never had to leave the pulpit to 'deal' with his disease.


More to come....... 


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