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2010.02.08 06:00:00

Wayne and I just returned from the Ekklesia World Conference in Branson and were blessed by each speaker and all the attendees. We had the privilege of serving as leaders for the healing team. There were about 15 anointed volunteers who sau under our teaching prior to the Thursday service. Once the instruction was over, we asked if anyone on the team was in pain. We prayed for several and five were instantly healed. Several people could not wait until the service began, and asked us to pray for them prior to worship. Again several were healed. One man who had excruciating back pain was instantly healed and danced as David must have danced during the worship. More than 50 people were healed during the service. The testimonies continued for hours 8-10 new hearts - proved as they ran around the auditorium with full breath and not fatigued healed from diabetes Many tested their blood sugar after prayer and brough their meter readings to the stage as manifestation of their healing Necks, backs, knees, fibromyalgia, cancer, deafness, blindness due to cataracs, glaucoma and/or maucular degeneration. all healed in the name of Jesus. The testimonies continued to flow through the rest of the conference. you glad we serve a good God whose will is that we walk in divine health?


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