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2010.09.30 12:00:00
Special Pastor

We were introduced to this special pastor who shared the following testimony.

He received a diagnosis of stage 2 pancreatic cancer. He asked the doctor to give him 10 days to fast and pray. The doctor was reluctant but agreed. This pastor shared his diagnosis with only five other people....people he knew would pray and believe for his healing, rather than announce to the world that Pastor so and so had cancer. He fasted and prayed. He returned to the doctor for tests. The doctor had tears in his eyes when he showed the pastor two reports. He said "this is your report when you had cancer". Then he held up the second report and said: "This is your report that says you never had cancer". In other words, every trace of the cancer had been removed. Praise God that healing IS for today. And, praise God that the pastor never had to leave the pulpit to 'deal' with his disease.


More to come....... 


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