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2010.09.05 12:00:00
John G Lake Teachings


Curry Blake, overseer for John G Lake Ministries was here in July to give a Divine Healing Technician Training. The culminating night is graduation, and all the attendees are to minister to the sick in a healing service. We had standing room only an estimated 250 people gathered at the Northwest Arkansas Ministry Center in Bella Vista. Part of the graduation is that the attendees put their teaching into action and pray for the sick. It's an awesome sight to see everyone ministering to one another. However; because of that format, it's hard to gather praise reports. We do know that two people got out of their wheelchairs, and walked out of the building. We know that one person's hearing was restored. But, we don't know much else for sure. If you were a person who was healed, or witnessed someone being healed at this meeting on July 10, 2010, please email us the information. We want God to be glorified.


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