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2010.08.13 12:00:00
Stroke 20 years Old


We were asked to pray for a man in Sarcoxie, MO., who had suffered a stroke more than 20 years ago and was progressively losing more and more physical abilities. It was also discovered that he had only one kidney and that one had debilitating infection. The family was trying to load him in the car to come to a healing meeting in Arkansas when he fell out of the wheelchair and cracked his knee. By the time EMT's got him back in the chair, he was too tired and discouraged to come on to the healing meeting. So, a few days later, we went to him.

His knee was instantly pain free. He made three attempts to stand, but was not able to, until just a couple days later. We are waiting to hear about the healing of his kidney, and we prayed for a second way to become manifested.
His wife was also experiencing back pain and stomach pain She was healed instantly.
We continue to pray for Scott's total restoration and healing and will give you the updates as we receive them.



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