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2011.02.10 21:51:31
Symphony Musician Healed

One weekend last spring, 2010, one of our Fort Smith Symphony violinists, J.R. from Tulsa Oklahoma, mis-stepped and took a very bad fall off the 4-foot high loading dock behind the Fort Smith Performing Arts Center, breaking his right arm just prior to a friday evening rehearsal. (The right arm is the one that most violinists use to skilfully hold and move the bow across the violin's strings.) I found J.R. just minutes before rehearsal time pacing the floor in the dressing room, in severe pain, shaking, and verging on tears. Without thinking about it, I (
Wayne Warmack) aggressively grabbed the swollen and badly discolored arm and prayed for him right there in the men's dressing room with other symphony musicians looking on. I commanded the bones to IMMEDIATELY knit and the swelling and bruising to IMMEDIATELY subside in the name of Jesus. Then, I ordered J.R. to ignore the injury and go out and play the rehearsal. He compliantly did, and the arm returned to normal size, shape, and color during that rigorous 3-hour rehearsal, with the pain quickly subsiding as well.  Jesus healed his arm. 
In the healing ministry great boldness is required, without thought or hesitation.  If you hesitate and try to find courage and try to reason things out you might lose your opportunity. This stuff can't be reasoned out. Your rational mind has nothing to do with it, and will actually hinder the miracle that is needed.  Without thought or hesitation, you must learn to trust Jesus that He will do what He promised, even as we quickly and obediently do what He commanded us to do.  He never fails.


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