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2011.02.10 21:52:57
Kidneys Healed in South Africa
Dear Brother Wayne,
Jessica and I have been to the state hospital this morning and the most amazing thing happened. We always talk about our defeats and not our victories.
I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your prayers and Intercession because, HE ANSWERED.
From three weeks or so ago when we visited the renal specialist who said that he was preparing Jess for dialysis due to the toxins, high creatinine levels, low gfr, etc, etc, death, death, death.
NOW......................she (renal specialist) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED  at Jessica's progress because from their medical experience, things can only get worse. The toxins, creatinine levels have come down so drastically, that she asked Jess what was going on and Jess just smiled and said that she has been praying (along with a group of powerful Sons and Daughters around the world) and expecting a miracle.
They were supposed to be seeing her every two week to monitor her progress (becauseat that time they said is was critical) but has asked her to come back in 3 months time. Oh, the most exciting part is that Jess has literally cut her medication from about 16 pills a day to aroung 4 and her blood pressure is still normal. IS THIS GOD AMAZING OR WHAT?
And now, I am not stopping here because I am Believing that a creative miracle will take place before the next visit and that those kidneys would have "grown back" to their original form and size and value. The only thing that the hospital staff do on her visits, is her bloods. The last scan was done last year which was when they found that Jess's kidneys had shrunk to around 7cm each and only was functioning as around 20%.
Please forward this praise report to all your colleagues who prayed for us. I would like to thank you guys for agreeing with me. Words cannot really describe how much I appreciate your act of Faith.
Blessings to all of you.


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