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2011.02.20 20:02:51
Liver Healed in Oklahoma


Wanted to let you know about the following praise reports.  A young lady had been transported to Freeman Hospital on Sunday evening (2-13-11).  Was told that if she had waited one more day, she would have died.   She  had been diagnosed with severe bladder infection that had spread to kidneys and had done "irreversible damage to the liver" according to the doctors.  She was also diagnosed with a mass on her kidneys.  She was to have exploratory surgery the next morning (Tuesday morning.)

On Monday, January 17th, Pastor Kristy and I went to her and released healing and deliverance to her.  God met her in a very special way, gave her prophetic utterances to encourage her to return to the Lord and really felt the strong Isaiah 61 anointing.

The next morning  (Tuesday) before her exploratory surgery, the doctors did more  detailed tests of kidneys prior to surgery.  At that time, the doctors discovered to their amazement that the "mass" on her kidneys was no longer there and even more astonishing to the doctors, her liver had begun to function completely normal.  The exploratory surgery was canceled and the young woman was discharged to her home two days later.

**From Deb Brodrick, Miami, OK  Deb and Kristy attended the John G Lake Divine Healing Technician training in Northwest Arkansas  in July 2010.  SW


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