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2011.05.14 06:07:12
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Just wanted share blessings with you. We prayed for our friends healings. Sue has RA, trouble with her knees hurting, hips, and hands. Her knees stopped hurting and she was able to get out of a chair without help or struggling for the first itime in years. As she walked around the room, she started crying and hel up her hands. She showed them to her husband and said that was the first time in years that they did not hurt terribly bad. she had no pain at all. Her hip is still bothering, but not near as much. Were going to pray for complete healing there. When I asked her hust to get up and come sit in the chari we were using....by the way he had an accident and has been on pain meds for 7 years for his back that hurts him teribly, he can bairely move about, so uses a wheel chair when not at home, has COPD and uses oxygen all the time, and has a bad heart....he said that he didn't need to get up. He was praying along with me and he said God healed him while he was healing Sue. He got up from the chair and we did pray again. He walked all around the house at a  normal (for other people) gait. He walked into the kitchen out of my sight and I heard his wife say, "Be careful, you don't want to overdue it". I asked what he was doing and she said standing there and bending forward and touching his knees. Hasn't been able to do that since the accident seven years ago. He even could bend and strech backwards. he took the oxygen off and did not need it the rest of the evening. We're going to pray again, because he's still using the wheel chair if he is going to be away from sitting down places for any length of time. He only uses the oxygen part time.   Ain't God God. they both say that even though there are still some needs, they have not felt this good in years and are telling everyone who will listen that God is good and He still heals today. Jim Kibat, recent healing school graduate, Arkansas



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