Faith  - She was diagnoised with 16 degree scolosis. This is the Xray's Before Healing Prayer and After!  - Give God the Glory! Prayer Works!

Deana  - Praise report after healing prayers her Blood Sugars returned to normal levels and she even lost some weight.- Amazing God Moves Mountains

Dana  - "What a blessing it was yo be prayed with. It was an incrediable experience, and look forward to coming back in the future." - What an blessing!

Sandy Golden  - Praise report lungs healed and is no longer using oxygen. Outstanding God is Good!

Benje Holloway - What a Faith builder the Healing Class was. It was marvelous. I was healed from floaters in my eye. No more knee pain. Glory to God!


Teresa L - My BP is now so low that I haven't been taking the BP meds, and it is staying normal!  My sinuses are completely un-congested...my voice healing is still manifesting (it's stronger & getting stronger)! I have stopped taking the metformin & my blood sugar readings are coming down (110-120 mornings, mid-80's afternoons/evenings)! I have no way of testing my thyroid or cholesterol at home, but have a Dr appt on 11/15 & am believing they are going to be good!  

Stacy - During the many opportunities I have had to be present as the Warmack prayed for healing for individual. I have witnessed first hand how God used them to heal. It is a glorious thing to have witnessed! 

Jeremy - The Warmacks, are all awesome. Thank you for doing the Healing Room for people. I have benefited so much from the prayers. 

David - Recieved Healing after prayer at the healing room. See complete testimony 

Fun Estimates Over the Years!  

God is Good!









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